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Updating software

You must be registered and identified as Grop-On timerbox owner.

Please, make an account in this site. After registering, you need to confirm email address (you will receive email with activation link).
If you made account before purchasing timerbox, then contact to customer service with this simple contact form: https://www.grop.fi/en/contact
Please select Category: timerbox owner authentication request

If you registered after purchasing timerbox (by this site or in Indiegogo campaign), send email to: auth@grop.fi
Send email with Title: Auth me as Grop-On timerbox owner
Tell your username and add as attachment PDF receipt or other proof of purchase. 

Simple guide

  • Download software image (only authed users can see download links in this site)
  • Shutdown timerbox
  • Open timerbox plastic end (that one where is sensor connectors)
  • Unplug memory card
  • Backup your memory card (in case if you want to downgrade to old version)
  • Flash software image to memory card