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Timerbox - Open data

Timerbox application open interface specifications. Some parts in software is done by executing code in client-side (JavaScript).

Server runs some code and render it ready for client. In some cases client gets data in JSON format and front-end code is executed in the client-side.

We did this easy for you and here is some documentation about timerbox HTTP protocol AJAX requests.

This information is very useful example for generating sensor data to graphs in the client-side. HTTP Protocol allows third-party software to use timerbox functions - like controlling socket on or off.

Get WLAN connection state /wlanstate X   X Current wlan state
Show all founded WLAN APs /wlans X   X List (actually array object) of WLAN APs what was found in scan process. 
Setup WLAN connection /wlanconnect   X X

post data : { ssid: customSSID, password: wlanPassword  }

response success, msg. If success is false, connection failed.

All logged sensor values in JSON Array Object /sensorsdb X   X
Array Object. 
t = time (unix format)
a = Waterproof temperature sensor 1
b = Waterproof temperature sensor 2
c = Hybrid sensor, temperature
d = Hybrid sensor, humidity
[{"t":1514370166,"a":18.69,"b":19.19,"c":19.7,"d":30}, ...]

Temperature values in celsius scale.

Click this link to see example: database -> JSON conversion (.json file)

SOCKETS (RELAYS)          
Socket 1 on /relay1on X   X response "Relay 1 ON"
Socket 1 off /relay1off X   X response "Relay 1 OFF"
Socket 2 on /relay2on X   X response "Relay 2 ON"
Socket 2 off /relay2off X   X response "Relay 2 OFF"
Socket 3 on /relay3on X   X response "Relay 3 ON"
Socket 3 off /relay3off X   X response "Relay 3 OFF"
Turn socket on for 1-59 seconds and then off          
Socket 1 on for 1 seconds /relay1on1s X     Replace X with value 1 to 59
Socket 2 on for 39 seconds /relay2on39s X     example: /relay1onXs -> /relay1on2s
Socket 3 on for 59 seconds /relay3on59s X     No ajax response, just executes script in the server-side.
Reboot timerbox /reboot X   X response "Going to reboot now!"
Shutdown timerbox /shutdown X   X response "Going to shutdown now!"
Change system time /changetime   X X

post data : { time: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS }

example time: 2018-01-04 12:06:30

Setup username & password /logindetails   X X

post data : { user: customName password: customPassword }

no response

login method is HTTP Auth



If you need more information or have some suggestion for the documentation, please contact us.