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Payment methods

Following payment methods are available at GROP.FI online store:


PayPal Acceptance Mark




Pay with bank buttons (avaible for Finnish customers)

Checkout is a secure payment method for you. The service is entered in the payment institution register maintained by the Financial Supervisory Authority under the transitional provision of the Finnish Credit Institutions Act. The service is a service maintained by Checkout Finland Ltd (Business ID 2196606-6) and Checkout Finland Ltd is owned by OP.

Checkout payment terms

Collector Invoice and Part payment

We offer an opportunity to pay by invoice or by installment in cooperation with Collector Bank AB.

When a customer chooses a billing and payment option for payment, he automatically receives an interest-free payment period up to the last day of the following month. The customer can pay the full amount at a time or divide the payment into smaller batches by entering into a credit agreement with Collector Bank. Invoices expire on the last day of each month so the customer can have up to 60 days to pay their bills. An invoice fee of EUR 2.95 will be added to the invoice.

By invoice or installment payment, it is possible to pay the products with 5000 euros and the repayment period is 36 months. The nominal annual rate is 26.4%.

Upon receipt of the invoice, the customer may choose to pay the installment by paying the minimum amount of the month shown on his invoice and by sending the invoice signed to the Collector Bank by the due date of the invoice. The credit agreement can be sent either by letter (Box 11 914, 404 39 Gothenburg, Sweden) or scanned by e-mail (contactcenter@collectorbank.fi). A credit agreement, general terms and standard European Consumer Credit Information (SECCI) are available on the Collector Bank's My Pages portal (oma.collector.fi).

Paying or Paying Payments must be at least 20 years old and we will conduct credit check on the order. Late payments and unpaid invoices will be charged with a reminder fee of EUR 5 and an interest rate of 2.2% per month for a delayed period.

More information: collector.fi


Jousto is a domestic service for Finnish customers to fund their online shopping quickly and safely. Jousto service is intended for Finnish private individuals aged 20-75 who have handled their money properly. With Jousto service you can get 20-5000 euros credit for purchases. The invoice can also be sent to e-mail if desired. When applying for Jousto, the customer first identifies with any bank account of the Finnish bank and then fills out the information on the form. Customer will receive the decision and information on the loan immediately. After that, the customer returns to the online store and the order is processed.

When customer pays with Jousto service and choose the payment method Jousto Lasku, customer will receive a payment period of 14 days. The only expense is the billing fee of 4,90 € / invoice. Single Purchase with Jousto Lasku is maximum 1000 €.

The Customer may also pay in installments with the Jousto Part Payment on a Payout period of 1-24 months. Billing fee is 4.90 € / invoice and monthly nominal rate 2.42%. Single Purchase with Jousto service is maximum € 5,000.

More details about Jousto service: jousto.com.

Mash (old Euroloan)

When you pay for your purchase with a Mash-bill or a Part Payment, you can flexibly  for the payment time. Mash is a domestic Finnish service, safe and easy way to pay.

Mash bill

  • 14 days payment period
  • The bill can easily be converted into a payment

Mash Part Payment

  • Payment period 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months
  • Invoice parts are billed every 30 days
  • The value of € 2,000 will be 14.9% of the actual APR on 24 months. The total price will be € 2,302.79 (including interest, billing fee and opening fee)

Mash shopping is funded by Euroloan Consumer Finance Corporation (Business ID: 2159120-9), which has been a Finnish financial company since 2007.

The Mash bill or share payment can be chosen as a payment method for customers living in Finland over 20 years of age. Payment method is available for purchases of 10-10,000 euros.

Euroloan Consumer Finance Corporation has the right to inspect the credit and address details of the customer paying the Mash bill or the payee and to grant or deny credit on their behalf. When paying for a Mash invoice or a share payment, you must enter your personal ID when making an order or identify with your bank ID if the purchases are delivered to an address other than the Population Register. Invoice / invoices are only delivered to the address given by the borrower in the population register. The delivery address for the shopping is optional.

Mash Customer service 24 h/vrk
Phone. 0800 94580 (Finland)
(Mon-Sun 24h, free of charge)

More details: www.mash.com



From a customer using Ainapay, the amount of the product is charged in the phone bill, and the telephone operator or other service provider charges the payment to the online merchant to the Checkout account. Payment is made by calling a specific payment number.

You can purchase a single purchase transaction with a maximum amount of EUR 43.62. By phone billing, the operator's costs are added to the customer's payment transaction. At most, the customer can buy a maximum of about 100 euros a month. You can buy up to two pieces per day. The service is provided by Ainapay Oy.