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Better growth

Easily better growth conditions
Growing in your own greenhouse is nice,
when GROP-ON® helps increase harvest by up to 50%



There is few things what needs to be okay to get best harvest as it is possible in your greenhouse.
Water, nutrition, heat, light and carbon dioxide are needed for the well-being plants.
In growing hobby, it is easy to neglect the correct number and timing of these factors.

The GROP-ON® timerbox is a growing management system for small greenhouses based mostly on hydroponic growing method. To get the best crop results, GROP-ON® takes care of your water, nutrition, heat, light and carbon dioxide within the limits. It is understood to be a simpler tool that allows these factors to be in the best possible proportion.

The GROP-ON® timerbox is a compact combination of extension cords timer and wireless measuring sensors. With timerbox you can control and adjust the system on your own phone, tablet, or computer.

An advanced farmer has already understood how time consuming it is to have well-being plants with correct: temperature, humidity, the amount of light, fertilization and watering. Purchase GROP-ON® timerbox to do all the boring basic things in your greenhouse and focus on getting plants more well-being - to get more CROP!

GROP-ON® timerbox can also save electric when it's used to automatize correct temperature and correct timings for the lighting and pumps in your greenhouse. Don't waste electric for unnecessarily heating or running pumps over required time. 

Easily watch temperature values or change timings with remote connection, without going physically in to the greenhouse.